chelsea's summer goals

a few weeks ago one of my favorite bloggers ( Vanilla & Lace ) shared a post about getting back on track with her health & how summer really gets us back into that kind of thinking. I was really inspired by her post, I am usually a healthy eater but I can lack motivation to get outside (since I am a hot weather hater).

take a dip: i live about 20 minutes away from the beach. last summer i went to the beach one time. i know a lot of our readers may think i am crazy for not using up the beach! but honestly, the hot sticky sand is something that i am not a fan of. i really love to swim. so this summer i am hoping to have some kind of access to a pool, swim laps and slather on the spf 100.

read read read: i really love to read. with this new library that was built literally a few blocks from my apartment, i feel like a kid in a candy store with this access of free books! i am continueing using the app on the daily listening to books while i do my editing work. but this summer i am hoping to be able to sit down and read atleast 10 books. later this week kaitlin and i will be sharing our summer reading list!

beach cruiser: ride my stinking bike. i have had this bike now for THREE YEARS.. and i have not be on it in over a year.

have a 0 scale clean home: okay so there is this app called "Think Dirty" (the name makes me laugh like a 12 year old boy). i recently jumped on the essential oil train. i know right now it is such a fad and most people roll their eyes at fads. but honestly, i think there is nothing wrong with a healthy fad. i have been trying to make my own face washes.. house hold cleaners.. but some things it is easier to go to walgreens and pick it up vs. try to come up with your own recipe (or do all the research to find a recipe). so this app helps you weed out the dirty (full of chemicals/ allergens/ etc) products that you own and replace them with clean / organic products. 0 (as clean) - 10 (as DIRRRTY) i was VERY surprised that my beloved organic coconut milk shampoo was 10 on the dirty scale. so it is making me realize that just because its labeled "organic" doesnt mean it is healthy for you. 

eat all da greens: so since kicking my veganism to the curb i have struggled with eating super clean since introducing all the good things in my life like dairy & bacon. since i have struggled with diets / disorderly eating, it has been hard for me to find an eating lifestyle that is right for me. my goal is to kick diary out of my diet for good (no gelato for me, wah!) and have a pescatarian diet.  i find that if i dont have some kind of discipline in my diet i find myself sitting at the pantry with a spoon in hand and nutella in the other.


pick all the berries

* learn how to make homemade jam

* visit a new city

* learn how to shoot film correctly (help me andrew!)

* be outside

* write more letters

goal making is fun! I really hope to be able to enjoy the summer instead of hiding out in my apartment. (summer turns me into a recluse, it is already nearly 100 degrees here!) what are some of your summer goals? what books are you reading? 

happy thursday!


chelsea diane 

DYI: tea tree & grapefruit essential oil makeup remover wipes


if you are like me.. your night routine includes makeup remover wipes. honestly, i get super lazy and sometimes just use the wipes. so after investing hundreds of dollars in this product i wanted to try to make it at home! when i found this recipe i found that i had most of the ingredients in my medicine cabinet. 




what you need: 

+ 1 cup hot water

+ 2 tablespoons coconut oil

+ 2 tablespoons face wash or cleansing oil  

+ 1 teaspoon witch hazel ( i got my bottle at walgreens for $3.99) 

+ 5 drops of teatree ans grapefruit essential oils ( or however much you want)  



1. add the coconut oil first  



2. then add the hot water. once you add the water stir until the coconut oil desolves  

3. then add in the cleanser, stir til it desolves as well  

4. add in the rest of the ingredients (witch hazel & essential oils)  



5. add in the pads! i put a few in at a time and pushed down on them so they could soak up the mixture  



when i made the wipes i had only a tad of powder and blush on BUT it wiped both off immediantly. smells devine! nothing is better than using a product (especially on your face) and knowing what its made of!  



happy cleansing!  


chelsea diane


photo by kaitlin, handwriting & design by chelsea 

it is here! sorry for the major pause on the calendars. winter was rough. i mean, don't get me wrong when it comes to choosing season i always will choose winter over summer. but this past winter was hard on my creativity. i know i have mentioned to you guys this in the past but there is something about the blooming flowers, the smell of jasmine and greenery that gives you life. (even though i totally wish i could have this and sweaters at the same time)

we are hoping to have more presence on our blog. this have been super busy for kaitlin and i, but this blog hasn't been forgotten about. life gets real sometimes.. you have to step away from things to recoup and recharge. 

but we have exciting things to share! thank you again for loving us and being apart of our nook!

chelsea + kaitlin 


ootd: purple haze


the heat and humidity is back here in Virginia and i am already counting down to Fall.  

my friend abbey came to town and we drank lots of coffee, went to the art gallery & snapped lots of pics! 

outfit // 

top: forever21

bottoms: urban outfitters

shoes: versona  

dont forget to put on your spf ;) 

x's & o's



photos by: abbey

southern road trip

This past week I got to shoot two awesome weddings! On wednesday we drove down to one of my favorite east coast cities of Charleston. We booked this wedding nearly a year ago and I was really excited about the fact that it was on a Thursday with the possibility of more travel or shooting another wedding. About six months later we booked a wedding in Zebulon, Georgia which is about an hour outside of Atlanta. 

We woke up really early Thursday and walked around Charleston. Charleston is one of those cities that every time I visit it is always a new experience. We always end up a new coffee shop, down a hidden beautiful street or some other kind of adventure.


after we shot the charleston wedding we went to savannah! andrew and i have a major itch to move. we are still planning on moving to seattle but lately we have been considering other places. moving is hard when you have a wedding photography business. majority of my weddings are on the east coast! so when we went to savannah we had in the back of our minds: can we live here? and we fell in love. there is something so romantic about moss. i love the tall trees painted with moss hovering over the cobble stone roads. charleston has its charm, its rainbow painted homes and its southern flair. but savannah feels like "home." we really could see ourselves making a life there. so its been fun to day dream about moving back down south! but seattle will always be the end goal!

cannot wait for more adventures this summer!

xo's & o's,

chelsea diane

kaitlin's DIY art & garden studio

I was lucky enough to score an apartment that also has a small storage shed/closet attached to the outside of my entrance. I had no idea this came with the apartment when I applied for it, so it really was luck! it has a separate door, a window, lights and electricity. the inside is unfinished, with plywood walls and missing spaces showing the insulation. the man who lived here before me must have used it as a wood-shop, because sawdust covered the floors and there was a chicken wire "ring" full of scrap wood, boxes, and fire kindling. there are shelves all along the top and a good sized work bench for potting my plants or other things I don't want to do at my kitchen table.

upon moving in I decided it was the perfect place to store my vacuum cleaner and extra boxes, basically junk I didn't want to deal with. but after a few months, Lonnie and I got the idea that this valuable piece of square footage would make an amazing creative space/art studio/ potting shed, so we agreed when the weather warmed up it would be our mission to fix it up into a usable, visually pleasing creative space.

last weekend, we cleaned, threw out, orgranized, and it really opened up the space to see what we were working with. I loved the work bench and knew I wanted to keep that. other than that we tossed out everything. (besides important boxes I had stored away of course.) we then went out, bought the cheapest primer paint you can get, and went to work...

are you ready for the before photos yet? I wish I had taken a few more, but I think you can get a sense of what it looked like before:

can you believe all that JUNK?!

it's amazing what a little paint, organization, decluttering, and a few plants can do for a space!

I added a cork board for some real-life Pinterest posting, a chalk board paint swatch to write messages and to-do's, and a few plants (check out my basil grown from seed!) who will love all the light from the window all day long! I now have a clean and orderly place for my tools, gardening, and craft supplies.

growing my basil in the window!

I hope this might inspire you to fix up a part of your home-- the garage, shed, basement, it's so fun to transform a space that was previously unenjoyable into something new!

x's + o's
kaitlin elaine