southern road trip

This past week I got to shoot two awesome weddings! On wednesday we drove down to one of my favorite east coast cities of Charleston. We booked this wedding nearly a year ago and I was really excited about the fact that it was on a Thursday with the possibility of more travel or shooting another wedding. About six months later we booked a wedding in Zebulon, Georgia which is about an hour outside of Atlanta. 

We woke up really early Thursday and walked around Charleston. Charleston is one of those cities that every time I visit it is always a new experience. We always end up a new coffee shop, down a hidden beautiful street or some other kind of adventure.


after we shot the charleston wedding we went to savannah! andrew and i have a major itch to move. we are still planning on moving to seattle but lately we have been considering other places. moving is hard when you have a wedding photography business. majority of my weddings are on the east coast! so when we went to savannah we had in the back of our minds: can we live here? and we fell in love. there is something so romantic about moss. i love the tall trees painted with moss hovering over the cobble stone roads. charleston has its charm, its rainbow painted homes and its southern flair. but savannah feels like "home." we really could see ourselves making a life there. so its been fun to day dream about moving back down south! but seattle will always be the end goal!

cannot wait for more adventures this summer!

xo's & o's,

chelsea diane