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I was lucky enough to score an apartment that also has a small storage shed/closet attached to the outside of my entrance. I had no idea this came with the apartment when I applied for it, so it really was luck! it has a separate door, a window, lights and electricity. the inside is unfinished, with plywood walls and missing spaces showing the insulation. the man who lived here before me must have used it as a wood-shop, because sawdust covered the floors and there was a chicken wire "ring" full of scrap wood, boxes, and fire kindling. there are shelves all along the top and a good sized work bench for potting my plants or other things I don't want to do at my kitchen table.

upon moving in I decided it was the perfect place to store my vacuum cleaner and extra boxes, basically junk I didn't want to deal with. but after a few months, Lonnie and I got the idea that this valuable piece of square footage would make an amazing creative space/art studio/ potting shed, so we agreed when the weather warmed up it would be our mission to fix it up into a usable, visually pleasing creative space.

last weekend, we cleaned, threw out, orgranized, and it really opened up the space to see what we were working with. I loved the work bench and knew I wanted to keep that. other than that we tossed out everything. (besides important boxes I had stored away of course.) we then went out, bought the cheapest primer paint you can get, and went to work...

are you ready for the before photos yet? I wish I had taken a few more, but I think you can get a sense of what it looked like before:

can you believe all that JUNK?!

it's amazing what a little paint, organization, decluttering, and a few plants can do for a space!

I added a cork board for some real-life Pinterest posting, a chalk board paint swatch to write messages and to-do's, and a few plants (check out my basil grown from seed!) who will love all the light from the window all day long! I now have a clean and orderly place for my tools, gardening, and craft supplies.

growing my basil in the window!

I hope this might inspire you to fix up a part of your home-- the garage, shed, basement, it's so fun to transform a space that was previously unenjoyable into something new!

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kaitlin elaine