chelsea's summer goals

a few weeks ago one of my favorite bloggers ( Vanilla & Lace ) shared a post about getting back on track with her health & how summer really gets us back into that kind of thinking. I was really inspired by her post, I am usually a healthy eater but I can lack motivation to get outside (since I am a hot weather hater).

take a dip: i live about 20 minutes away from the beach. last summer i went to the beach one time. i know a lot of our readers may think i am crazy for not using up the beach! but honestly, the hot sticky sand is something that i am not a fan of. i really love to swim. so this summer i am hoping to have some kind of access to a pool, swim laps and slather on the spf 100.

read read read: i really love to read. with this new library that was built literally a few blocks from my apartment, i feel like a kid in a candy store with this access of free books! i am continueing using the app on the daily listening to books while i do my editing work. but this summer i am hoping to be able to sit down and read atleast 10 books. later this week kaitlin and i will be sharing our summer reading list!

beach cruiser: ride my stinking bike. i have had this bike now for THREE YEARS.. and i have not be on it in over a year.

have a 0 scale clean home: okay so there is this app called "Think Dirty" (the name makes me laugh like a 12 year old boy). i recently jumped on the essential oil train. i know right now it is such a fad and most people roll their eyes at fads. but honestly, i think there is nothing wrong with a healthy fad. i have been trying to make my own face washes.. house hold cleaners.. but some things it is easier to go to walgreens and pick it up vs. try to come up with your own recipe (or do all the research to find a recipe). so this app helps you weed out the dirty (full of chemicals/ allergens/ etc) products that you own and replace them with clean / organic products. 0 (as clean) - 10 (as DIRRRTY) i was VERY surprised that my beloved organic coconut milk shampoo was 10 on the dirty scale. so it is making me realize that just because its labeled "organic" doesnt mean it is healthy for you. 

eat all da greens: so since kicking my veganism to the curb i have struggled with eating super clean since introducing all the good things in my life like dairy & bacon. since i have struggled with diets / disorderly eating, it has been hard for me to find an eating lifestyle that is right for me. my goal is to kick diary out of my diet for good (no gelato for me, wah!) and have a pescatarian diet.  i find that if i dont have some kind of discipline in my diet i find myself sitting at the pantry with a spoon in hand and nutella in the other.


pick all the berries

* learn how to make homemade jam

* visit a new city

* learn how to shoot film correctly (help me andrew!)

* be outside

* write more letters

goal making is fun! I really hope to be able to enjoy the summer instead of hiding out in my apartment. (summer turns me into a recluse, it is already nearly 100 degrees here!) what are some of your summer goals? what books are you reading? 

happy thursday!


chelsea diane