F&F Mother's day gift guide!

It's almost Mother's Day! I wanted to create a gift guide that every mother each age would love all five of the products that we have listed. Being at the end of my 20's most of my close friends are mothers to not one child but a few! I am so amazed by their strength by raising these tiny humans, maintaining their small businesses & taking time out to grab a chai latte. As I see those around me in this phase of life I cannot even respect my own Mom even more. 

My parents got married at the ripe age of 18 and 19. My mom graduated high school in May, turned 18 in June and eloped in San Antonio, TX with my dad in July. They moved to Germany (My dad was in the air force) and they had me when my mom was 20. All of her 20's she was raising two little girls, moving around the country, and having to spend months raising her children alone while my dad was fighting for our country. (during this time as well she was working part time) She had so much inner strength during this time and I honestly think that this is a strength that God gives all women that carry the name "Momma." I cannot wait for the day where I can share the same unconditional love that my Mom showed me as a child and continues to this day.

treat your mom to a sweet gift, a bouquet of peonies and all the hugs you could give her. 

happy mother's day to my sister & my momma!!

x's + o's,

chelsea diane

chelsea diane's morning routine (VIDEO!!)

my long time friend abbey was in town and we just had so much fun spending time with each other AND our camera's. winter was hard. it was hard on my creativity, and even my emotions. (makes me think of the song "mood rings" by relient k) with the sun shining, the flowers blooming.. this girl is feeling much better and much more alive.



1 banana 

2 strawberries

acai juice

a cup-ish of spinach



2 cups almond milk

1/4 cup acai juice

honey to your liking

10 table spoons of chai seeds

stir all of the ingredients until you can feel the pudding thickening

set in fridge for 20 mins


now.. off to editing, eating chips & hummus!

happy monday!

xo, chelsea diane 

ootd: azaleas


what im wearing:  

top: @malwarningscloset

bottoms: urban

shoes: madewell

bag: target

earrings: vintage

necklace: onastazia designs // her website : onastazia.squarespace.com etsy: onastaziadesigns.etsy.com


big thanks to onastazia for gifting us with two necklaces! they are such treaures. they are dainty and made unique with adding your initials or aninspiring  word. she made kaitlin a shorter necklace with "flourish" and one for me that says "feel"! something ill cherish forever!  


photoe by @andrewmichaelmontgomery

look out for a may calendar! 



chelsea diane + glass gardens


over a year ago i met john from glass gardens studio when i had an office right next to the with lavender and lace store. he is such a charismatic guy who is so excited about plants.. which makes you excited about them as well. i have always had a green thumb when it comes to growing veggies or flowers. taking care of desert plants on the other hand.. i did ok but i really did not know what i was doing.


we got together last month with our friend brittany to do a stylized shoot. i was really excited that we chose to do it in my apartment. i have been really blessed to have a place that has constant stream of light. we did more studio shots in the then office (i switched things around soon after, will share in the future!) and the light could not be more perfect. after we moved into the living area where it was more of a lifestyle shoot where brittany styled his products in various places in my apartment. (which was so fun!)

last week i joined john at the recently opened west elm to shoot his terrarium class! it was so much fun. just from being a fly on the wall i learned so much. it was cool to see people from all age groups dive in to learn more about succulents. 

basic tools to making a terrarium:

1. a home for the succulents. some people like to use the big globes or you can even use vintage dishes (what kaitlin & i usually use) 

2. soil

3. rocks (any color!)

4. water

5. moss

6. succulents

how to:

1. first, you can make your terriarum however you want. but this is what i saw that worked best.

> put the rocks of your choice on the bottom of the surface of the glassware.

2.  dab the roots of the plants in water to prepare them for the soil.

3. add soil (fill it to where it covers the roots completely)

4. decorate! continue to add rocks, soil, moss 

5. water the plants with a tablespoon of water. succulents do not need much water to live off of. after you water your plants you can go 2-3 weeks without watering them (which is awesome!)

what I wore: texas daisies


I flew home Saturday to surprise my dad for his 48th birthday! I love being home. I feel so grounded when I am here.   


My friend Catherine and I were driving back from getting sushi and we saw this gorgeous wild flower field. We've had a drought here in Texas for the past ten years and this is the first time I've ever see wild flowers pop up!  


Outfit // 

top: modfolk vintage  

bottoms: urban  

shoes: old navy  

bag: forever21

sunnies: versona  


go out and enjoy the sun!  


chelsea diane  

what I wore // springy neutrals

I lucked out having a beautiful, warm, sunny day fall on my day off in the middle of the week! Lonnie and I enjoyed the day perusing our favorite antique stores, picnicking by the river, and strolling through the cutest neighborhoods admiring all the blooming flowers.

this kind of outfit has been a uniform for me lately, it's so comfortable and casual, but paired with some heels or wedges, plus bright lipstick and neon nails, I think it still looks put-together and not too frumpy! a few people mentioned how summery I looked, so that's a good sign... summer is coming!

I had been looking through my closet at my parents house in the morning for all my spring and summer dresses I had stored away, and found my sun hat! perfect timing for a day like today. we ended the day enjoying a delicious dinner with my parents-- thanks mom & dad! xo

scroll down for outfit details!

outfit details // 

linen tunic -- urban outfitters
mom jeans -- h&m
heels -- forever 21
sun hat -- kohls
basket bag -- thrifted
sunnies -- lucky brand
necklace -- forever 21
nail polish -- china glaze in 'sun worshipper'

hope you all had an amazing Easter and can enjoy some sunshine wherever you are!

x's + o's
kaitlin elaine